Step into Spring with a Full Schedule of Coaching

Three Coaches over Three Months

We are very excited to offer our students three coaches throughout May and July.

  • Wednesday, May 22nd and Thursday, May 23rd
    • Shirley Johnson
    • Master Class: Cuban Motion – Thursday, May 23rd
  • Wednesday, June 26th and Thursday, June 27th
    • Danny Atkins
    • Master Class: West Coast Swing – Wednesday, June 26th
  • Wednesday, July 17th
    • Victoria Brown coaching for one day

New Student Freestyle and Guest Party

On Friday, May 17th from 8:15 – 9:45 we have a special event planned.

For the first part of the party, students may bring guests who may be interested in the studio.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided and we will have a small group class.

Any guests that come to the party will be gifted a free introductory lesson.

If your guest(s) decide to sign up on Foundation programs, you will be gifted a free lesson for each guest you refer (and enroll in the Foundation program) from the party.

Finally, we will finish the night with a New Student Freestyle. This is a laid-back opportunity for students to get out there in front of a welcoming audience, with only a handful of dancers at a time, dancing tango and bachata, as a way to ease into performance.

Solo Showcase

Did we say performance? Yep! Don’t forget about a core performance experience many students will be working towards in the coming months, the annual Solo Showcase on June 23rd. Let’s get moving! 🙂

Brr! It’s Cold! Yet Events Are Heating Up At The Studio!

Winter Dance Fest Has Begun

If you’re reading this, we hope you’re dancing. Because Winter Dance Fest is well under way (“Night Out on the Town” tonight!)

Here’s what else we have in store for you this winter:

  • Thursday, January 25th – Danny Atkins Coaching
  • Saturday, January 27th – 3:15 PM to 5:15 PM – Fort Worth Dance Camp
  • Saturday, February 3rd – 2:15 PM to 3:15 PM – Murder Mystery Party (at our studio)
  • Saturday, February 17th – 2:15 PM to 4:30 PM – Waco Dance Camp (at our studio)
  • Monday, February 19th – Michelle Barry Coaching Sessions by Appointment (studio will be closed otherwise)
  • Saturday, February 24th – 5 PM to 7 PM – Medal Ball (at our studio)

Also please note the studio will be closed Friday, January 26th. We will close early on Saturday, January 27th at 1:30 PM.

Interrelated Systems Moving

We have moved Interrelated Systems classes to Saturdays at 12:45 PM! As you may already know if you took the class on Mondays, this class teaches the finer points of a multitude of dance techniques that can be applied across dance styles.

Ciao, Waco! Plus Class Updates

Ciao Amore Dance-O-Rama

We’re really proud to be taking a team of students all the way to Rome for the Ciao Amore Dance-O-Rama. Joining 300 other participants from Arthur Murrays all over the world, students will be participating in freestyles, competitions, solos, and more. 

A lot of the show is of course going to be dance focused but this trip is also about getting immersed in the culture of Italy and Rome. We’ll be doing excursions like a golf cart tour of Rome, seeing the Amalfi Coast, and checking out Pompeii. Say bon voyage to your fellow students starting on the first week of August!

Class Updates

We have a class update! Bronze 1 and Bronze 2 have switched their days and times. Also, the previous Bronze 2/3 class is now Full Bronze. For Full Bronze, students must have checked out of pre-bronze 2 in order to be eligible. The class will be more advanced and we want to make sure the level of students and instruction match.

Oh, and we’ll be doing a two step series a couple weeks to get people brushed up on their country dancing – which will conclude with a Night Out on the Town on Saturday, August 26th from 7 – 9 PM @ Melody Ranch. See you there!

Two Big Announcements

Winter Dance Fest

Our Winter Dance Fest begins Friday, January 13th. This series of events is designed to help kick start your dance goals for the new year.

A one-time ticket purchase gets you access to six weeks of events, discounts, and prizes.

Here’s some of what’s included:

  • Friday night Vintage Vinyl Party where we go back to 50s and 60s
  • Two separate Dance Camps with ballroom pros Bobby Gonzalez and Victoria Brown, one with our extended Arthur Murray family in Fort Worth and the other where Fort Worth travels to us
  • A special Jack and Hill event where you get to be the dance judge
  • Another night out on the town with bonuses for those with a fest ticket
  • Medal Ball where we celebrate the progress we’ve made the last year

There’s more! A ticket will provide entry into ongoing raffles. The raffles can be anything from a free private lesson, tickets to a solo showcase, free heats at future events, or even coachings. The more you participate in the fest, the more chances you have to win.

The fest starts soon so call or text us to get a spot!

Dates and times for the fest are at the bottom of this blog post.

Open on Mondays

We are excited to announce we will soon be open on Mondays!

Starting February 13th, our studio will go from being open from five days a week to six days!

Try out our group class that will be on Monday – the Interrelated System Class. In this new offering, we’ll teach core moves, like crossovers or swivels, that can be applied across multiple dance styles.

Looking forward to starting the week with you!

Full Winter Dance Fest Schedule

Friday 1/13 @ 9:00 pmVintage Vinyl Party
Saturday 1/28 @ 4:30 PMArthur Murray Fort Worth Dance Camp with Bobby Gonzalez
Friday 2/3 @ 9:00 PMJack and Jill Event
Saturday 2/11 @ 1:30 PMArthur Murray Waco Dance Camp with Victoria Brown
Friday 2/17 @ 8:30 PMNight Out on the Town
Saturday 2/25 @ 5 PMMedal Ball

Flash Mob + Footloose = Fun

This past Saturday our studio performed in downtown Waco at Heritage Square. But this wasn’t a regular show, it was a flash mob. 

Naturally, tons of people were lined up for the buses to the Baylor game. But they weren’t expecting they’d be treated to a show while they waited!

At exactly 10:05, our studio came together – out of nowhere – and performed three songs as a group. Of course, given the month, we had to lead off with a routine for Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September”. Then we performed to “Let’s Go Crazy” before finishing with “Footloose” and the line dance featured in the movie. We even pulled people out of the crowd to join!

It was such a great time that we all agreed we have to do another one. So be on the lookout for the next surprise performance. We wonder if you can guess where we will be next!

Waco Shows Up to the Showdown

Recent Happenings

In the last couple of months, we have been really busy! At Boston Dance-A-Rama, we got a ton of awards! We also had our Solo Showcase on the beautiful main street in Grapevine, Texas. 32 students performed, many for the first time. Finally, we had our first ever “Night Outs” (pictured above), where over 40 students got together with our staff and took everything they’ve been learning out on the town! 

Dance Camp

Upcoming is Dance Camp on Saturday, August 27th. At this event in the studio, we’ll have four 45 minute group classes in succession for intensive learning. The Dance Camp will help fundraise for our staff training in September.

Downtown Waco Flash Mob

Next, we will be doing a flash mob in downtown Waco on Saturday, September 17th. We’ll meet that day at 1:30 to practice before heading out to do a surprise performance for the community.

Texas Showdown

Finally, we’ll be at Texas Showdown from September 30th through October 2nd. This is the closest thing students can get to one of our big international dance competitions. Except it’s in our own backyard. Over one weekend in Dallas on Lake Rockwall, we’ll be dancing, competing, and mingling with other Arthur Murray studios from Dallas, Austin, Forth Worth, and more. This is a great stepping stone for students. If you think you want to dabble in competitions but don’t want to make a full commitment, here you can see what its all about, at a fraction of the price.

We’re Going Out on the Town

group of adults dancing together in club

We have some exciting events coming up!

Night Out on the Town

We’re going out on the town together as a studio! Test out the moves you have practiced “out in the wild”. Don’t worry, you’ll have the support of the Arthur Murray Waco family dancing alongside you. First night out on the town is Saturday, May 21st! Check the calendar for other dates.

Spring Dance Challenge

This one day event is built especially for newcomers to try out the competitive side of dancing. Do as few or as many routines as you want. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like at our big Dance-O-Ramas. Bonus: you won’t have to travel. Plus, you will receive valuable feedback to take with you back at the studio. Join us Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th 🙂

Solo Showcase

You came to Arthur Murray Waco because you love Dancing with the Stars. Now get to live it. Perform a routine with your teacher in a beautiful theater on a vintage street of Grapevine, Texas.

Most students get into ballroom dancing with performance being the last thing on their mind. But many students find that performing is a great way to set goals, achieve them, and make more progress than you would have otherwise. A great way to get out of your comfort zone and don’t worry, our teachers will make sure you’re prepared. This event takes place Sunday, June 26th!

That’s all for now Arthur Murray fam! See you on the dance floor!

Here We Come, Hawaii and More…

Hi everyone! Hope your 2022 has started off on the right foot!

Here’s what’s new at Arthur Murray Waco:

Hawaii Dance-O-Rama

Hawaii, here we come! From Tuesday, January 25th through January 29th, the studio will close while our teachers and a core of adventurous students will be dancing and competing in Hawaii. Let’s show the rest of Arthur Murray what we have been working so hard on in Waco!

Bronze 2/3 Classes

Look for our new, advanced class on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM, starting in February. This is our Bronze 2/3 class. We have watched our students progress so much since opening (HAS IT BEEN ALMOST TWO YEARS ALREADY?). We want to keep challenging our most avid learners. The best part about teaching dance is watching our students grow so we are so excited for this.

More Series!

Our series classes have been a hit. What started as an experiment will be here to stay! As a reminder, our series classes allow students to stayed focused on a particular style over a three week period, with each week building on the last.

In February, we will have these three-part series in the following order:

  • Zouk
  • Country Western Cha Cha
  • Paso Doble
  • Bachata

That’s all for now! There are other little class improvements, so check out the calendar page for the full schedule! 

See you in the studio 🙂

Updates to Our Class Schedule!

Dancing tango. Street dancers performing tango dance

Starting the week of 8/23/21, we have updated our schedule with new three new classes!

Three Part Focused Dance Series

On Saturdays at 1:30 PM we have added a three-part series of classes to delve deeply into one particular dance style. We start things off with a series focused on Argentine Tango, a dance that is always popular among our students. After that series concludes, we will slow things down with Lindy Hop and finally, move onto Mambo. These series replace our Bronze 2 class originally in this time-slot.

More All Level Variety on Saturday

Earlier on Saturdays at 12:45 PM, we have added a new All Level class. This All Level class will cycle through Ballroom, Swing, Latin, and Country. This class replaces our Saturday Newcomer class that mainly worked on just Swing and Country, allowing our weekend warriors to gain exposure to a larger array of dances.

Open-Ended Newcomer Class

Thursday’s Newcomer class is now open to any style. We will decide on the particular style based on our student’s preferences that week. This change will allow us to be more flexible in catering to the our student’s needs and keep things fresh!

We think these changes will provide more opportunities to deepen your learning and explore a wider range of offerings. All of these updates are on our calendars, which you can access here!