Here We Come, Hawaii and More…

Hi everyone! Hope your 2022 has started off on the right foot!

Here’s what’s new at Arthur Murray Waco:

Hawaii Dance-O-Rama

Hawaii, here we come! From Tuesday, January 25th through January 29th, the studio will close while our teachers and a core of adventurous students will be dancing and competing in Hawaii. Let’s show the rest of Arthur Murray what we have been working so hard on in Waco!

Bronze 2/3 Classes

Look for our new, advanced class on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM, starting in February. This is our Bronze 2/3 class. We have watched our students progress so much since opening (HAS IT BEEN ALMOST TWO YEARS ALREADY?). We want to keep challenging our most avid learners. The best part about teaching dance is watching our students grow so we are so excited for this.

More Series!

Our series classes have been a hit. What started as an experiment will be here to stay! As a reminder, our series classes allow students to stayed focused on a particular style over a three week period, with each week building on the last.

In February, we will have these three-part series in the following order:

  • Zouk
  • Country Western Cha Cha
  • Paso Doble
  • Bachata

That’s all for now! There are other little class improvements, so check out the calendar page for the full schedule! 

See you in the studio 🙂