Ciao, Waco! Plus Class Updates

Ciao Amore Dance-O-Rama

We’re really proud to be taking a team of students all the way to Rome for the Ciao Amore Dance-O-Rama. Joining 300 other participants from Arthur Murrays all over the world, students will be participating in freestyles, competitions, solos, and more. 

A lot of the show is of course going to be dance focused but this trip is also about getting immersed in the culture of Italy and Rome. We’ll be doing excursions like a golf cart tour of Rome, seeing the Amalfi Coast, and checking out Pompeii. Say bon voyage to your fellow students starting on the first week of August!

Class Updates

We have a class update! Bronze 1 and Bronze 2 have switched their days and times. Also, the previous Bronze 2/3 class is now Full Bronze. For Full Bronze, students must have checked out of pre-bronze 2 in order to be eligible. The class will be more advanced and we want to make sure the level of students and instruction match.

Oh, and we’ll be doing a two step series a couple weeks to get people brushed up on their country dancing – which will conclude with a Night Out on the Town on Saturday, August 26th from 7 – 9 PM @ Melody Ranch. See you there!