Q. Can anyone dance?

A. Yes! You can dance, whether you’ve had previous lessons or will be taking your first step with us. We teach people of diverse experiences, ages, backgrounds, and abilities. 

Q. Do I need a partner?

A. No partners required! Couples and singles take classes. If you come alone, you will have people to dance with—either instructors or other students.

For those starting alone, you won’t be alone for long: You’ll soon have a new community of friends and encouragers.

Q. Can I sign up for group classes only?

A. Group classes are included in the tuition price for private sessions. We learn a lot in group classes, but private sessions are essential for targeting skills and personalizing your learning, which is why we package group classes and private sessions together.

Q. Can anyone compete?

A. Yes! If you want to compete, then you can. We have taken students to competitions in only their first two months of lessons; these students had no prior dance experience. Competitions are for everyone, and they are a fun way to motivate your learning.

Q. What dances do you teach?

A. We teach it all: rhythm, Latin, country western, ballroom, and specialty dances like Lindy-Hop. See our full list of dances under Dances We Teach

Q. How do I get started?

Book an introductory class to get started. Afterwards, we will set up a schedule and start to build a lesson plan around your goals.