Youth Dance – Arthur’s Kids

Dance and Development

Personal Growth: Dance conditions body, mind, and spirit—helping your child grow in all areas at once. Dance will be a memorable part of your child’s life, challenging them to become their best and nurturing them throughout the process.

Soft Skills: Dance builds soft skills that promote success in all areas of life; students learn to set goals and take initiative, which supports personal and academic success. Students also develop emotional intelligence, which contributes to healthy development now and professional success later (more below).

Emotional Intelligence: Through dance, children advance their emotional intelligence, as they practice verbal and nonverbal communication. They build confidence and poise in relationships. They learn to respect boundaries and to expect their own boundaries to be respected—all while having fun!

Foundations of Dance: Your child will build a foundation in dance by getting experience in foxtrot, tango, jitterbug, and other classics. We teach simple dance patterns that children practice until the steps feel like natural movement.

Personalized Lessons: Your child has a unique journey of growth ahead, and so we personalize our teaching as needed. Children learn in group settings, led by a certified dance instructor. To ensure each child is on pace with the class, we provide one-on-one feedback throughout the process.

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This program is for ages 5-15