Updates to Our Class Schedule!

Dancing tango. Street dancers performing tango dance

Starting the week of 8/23/21, we have updated our schedule with new three new classes!

Three Part Focused Dance Series

On Saturdays at 1:30 PM we have added a three-part series of classes to delve deeply into one particular dance style. We start things off with a series focused on Argentine Tango, a dance that is always popular among our students. After that series concludes, we will slow things down with Lindy Hop and finally, move onto Mambo. These series replace our Bronze 2 class originally in this time-slot.

More All Level Variety on Saturday

Earlier on Saturdays at 12:45 PM, we have added a new All Level class. This All Level class will cycle through Ballroom, Swing, Latin, and Country. This class replaces our Saturday Newcomer class that mainly worked on just Swing and Country, allowing our weekend warriors to gain exposure to a larger array of dances.

Open-Ended Newcomer Class

Thursday’s Newcomer class is now open to any style. We will decide on the particular style based on our student’s preferences that week. This change will allow us to be more flexible in catering to the our student’s needs and keep things fresh!

We think these changes will provide more opportunities to deepen your learning and explore a wider range of offerings. All of these updates are on our calendars, which you can access here!