We believe that dance is for everyone, at all times of life and all levels of experience. Singles, couples, the young, and the young at heart: Dance is for you.

Our mission is to cultivate an experience unique to you and your journey. Whether you are seeking personal fulfillment, fitness, recreation, performance, competition, or help getting ready for a special event—we are here for you.  

We foster a joyful, optimistic atmosphere that will celebrate your progress from start to finish, though we hope that with every milestone you meet, you find another one to set!

 Our studio is a vibrant community of dancers aiming to reach a variety of goals, but we also recognize that dance is much bigger than any single goal. It is about embracing new things, encouraging each other, improving health, building confidence, and believing that . . .   

One step at a time, dance can change your life.


Globally Acclaimed Methods

Arthur Murray dance studios have been in business for over a century. They started because Arthur Murray thought dance lessons should be about more than memorizing steps. He designed a curriculum for making dance an exciting experience, and his innovative methods have received global acclaim.

As an Arthur Murray studio, we work from these patented methods, along with a syllabus developed by top dancers in the industry. We also hire renowned consultants to provide additional training and feedback. We are committed to staying at our best.

Customized Dance Lessons

While dancing with us, you receive instruction from trained and certified teachers. These teachers are also dedicated dancers, who are ready to customize your learning.

Your dance teacher will create lesson plans specifically for you, with your dance goals in mind. You are one-of-a-kind, and so we think your dance lessons should be, too.